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Monuments for a New Era

Opinion | NYTimes | Aug. 10, 2018

“We asked artists to contemplate these markers of our country’s racist and violent history — the space they take up, physically and psychically — and imagine what should happen when they are gone.”


Cogitations on Surviving Language

By Ladi’Sasha Jones

July 24, 2018

This essay was produced in conjunction with the exhibition Original Language, curated by Natasha Marie Llorens, on view at CUE Art Foundation from September 7 - October 11, 2018. This text is included in the free exhibition catalogue available at CUE.


The artists represented in Original Language illustrate a counter vernacular of thought production on the consumption and embodiment of violence. Their works trace and retract the lingual and textual constructions of multiple violences by the state, mass media, and one’s cultural subconscious. Working with everyday objects and charged compositions like the newspaper, the lottery ticket, the paper bag, the chalkboard, and the photograph, the works on view attend to the materiality of violence, not theoretically, but of a tactile order. These artworks are not seeded laments over violence and its visual discourses. They are not reinscriptions of trauma seen or absent, nor do they gesture towards resolves or reconciliations. They demonstrate acts of subversion as form, and, in some instances, subversion as aesthetic thought.”


PODCAST : Ariel Jackson

PHOTO CREDIT Michael Miller

BY Sean J Patrick Carney POSTED April 22 2018

"Skyping in from her studio at the University of Texas at Austin, artist Ariel Jackson is my guest this week. She produces sculpture, video, performance, and installation works that are research-driven critiques of United States history and culture."