Each quilt depicts a photo of my family on our farmland. The process to create each quilt begins in Photoshop where I separate each image into a square grid. During my residency at the Lower Eastside Printshop I silkscreened each square image onto muslin fabric. When silkscreening, the ability to print an image is largely affected by how many lines per inch you separate the image into. The less lines per inch the easier it will be to print a clear image. I decided to raise the lines per inch to the point where printing a clear image is 30-50% chance. The results can be a clear image, ghost-like image, or blobs of black ink. Each square is sewn together to recreate an original image and using fabric I search for and replace recognizable parts of the image. Where images are unrecognizable I rely on my memory of the image in order to find aspects to highlight with fabric.