TRT : 1:04 minutes
October 2015

"Since I've traveled here from my home planet Panfrika to study the blues many bodies ask me what are the blues exactly?

I wonder how they are not able to see the blues everywhere in the spacenet but then I remember the importance of information dispersal.

Based on my studies the blues seems to be more than just a state of being born out of a history of space shaping.

It's both physical and metaphysical

The Properties of the blues seems to have developed from the development of physical effects born out of an initial wave.

While I've been here I've learned that these blue effects and situations have been occurring for the past hundreds of cycles with some progress although not enough to counter the imbalance

My goal for the foreseeable future is to manifest and develop countering technologies that aim to offset this great imbalance."

- Confuserella